Missing Camera

(Chanelle) #1

Hi all,

I was at the space Saturday briefly and I think I may have left my camera. Can anyone advise if they have come across a black canon camera. Many thanks

(Chanelle) #2

Is anyone in the space later tis evening or early tomorrow so I can have a look for camera.

Many thanks

(Tom Newsom) #3

I’ll drop in on my way home from work - around 18:00. I’ll have a look around for it!

(Chanelle) #4

Thank you! It would be in the lounge area by the TV or on the main table.

(Tom Newsom) #5

If it’s this one, I’ve left it by the chalk on the bookshelf behind the red sofa

(Chanelle) #6

:persevere: no that’s not it my one is bigger.

(JK) #7

Chanelle, was there yesterday eve and didn’t see it. Will be there Weds and have a search for sure. The space has lots of things moved round cus of new lathe, shelves, bench etc, I hope it turns up.

(Chanelle) #8

Thanks - for checking!

(Chanelle) #9

Is anyone around later today so I can have a look for the camera please.

Many thanks

(JK) #10

Had a look and didn’t find it. I didn’t dig deep tho cus the space is in flux, it’s a lot messy.

(Beth Slater) #11

I’ll be down tomorrow evening definately from 8 but hopefully earlier

(Dermot Jones) #12

@StudioNelle did you find your camera?

(Chanelle) #13

Unfortunately not, it’s a total mystery and quite upsetting. @jackiekeane thanks for checking the space again. I think the space has been thoroughly searched now. If anyone comes across a Canon Powershot SX510 written on the camera please drop me a message.

Many thanks


(JK) #14

That is really upsetting, obvs you’ve checked bags etc, could it have fallen out of your bag somewhere on the way home

(Chanelle) #15

No it’s always around my neck last I remember I took it off by the lounge area. But I have entire the two bags I traveled with that day.

(Esther Gladstone) #16

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

(JK) #17

It just doesn’t make any sense that it’s not there! I hope that someone who hasn’t seen the post has put it somewhere safe.

(JK) #18

I’m honestly gutted for you Chanelle, it’s a big loss, I would be really upset too.

If it doesn’t turn up, which I truly hope it does, I can offer you my very old but very good Cannon power shot variangle camera. It’s a good camera, 5mpix but it’s sharp and the variangle is amazing fun. You’ll have to get the drivers for it but there are lots of fans of this camera so it’s out there on the web.

Hope this helps to curb and to be honest I’d love to pass it on to you. I’ve taken amazing photos with it, pure pleasure.

(Chanelle) #19

Thanks Jackie for such a kind offer. It really is down to my own negligence why it’s missing and I’m sure it will turn up, it’s clearly hiding somewhere.

I will send a DM.

(Chanelle) #20

Quick thank you to Jackie for lending me her camera, very much appreciated!

Please see a picture of the missing camera in case you come across have picked it up by mistake.

Many thanks