(mini) lathe access anyone?

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(Patrick) #1


I need to decrease the OD of an aluminium shaft from 1/4" to 6mm. Sounds silly but I’m changing a part in existing device and it receives a sprocket which I can’t modify. Unfortunately I can’t just chuck it into a drill and have a go at it with a file. It has a shape requiring a fixture (already made one [DIA 32mm]).

Can anyone with a (university/work) access to a lathe help me?

(Dermot Jones) #2

Ask @metaltechs or @deanforbes they might have some ideas

(Dean Forbes) #3

when do you want it done and where in London are you ?

(Patrick) #4

Hey Dean,

I live in South London, ~Croydon, but I can meet you at the Space or I can get to wherever its more convenient. I’m not in a rush but getting it done within a week or two would be great.