Micro Clean Up - TODAY - Saturday 18th Jan

The state of the snug primarily is beyond a joke - I’m gonna spend a little time clearing the walk ways, there may be some woodwork involved knocking up some temporary shelving for the masses of members’ laser materials etc.

There’s actually plenty of space in there but all is badly packed. As a result it’s hazardous to navigate, we have a couple of older members who frequently have to traverse the space to get their projects moving kilo’s of materials to get to them which in my eyes is pretty bad.

There are a number of trip hazards about the space which could do with snugging.

I’ll be providing a veggie meal for lunch to anyone interested in joining, probably there will be food enough for for 6 on a first come first served basis. Anyone wanting to dibs a meal can fill their name and tick a box below.

I’m gonna make a start now and will likely be here until mid afternoon.

Any help would be welcomed!


@SarahJ or anyone else interested we have at least 3 bags of clean woodshavings, perfect for burning, composting toilets, composting, etc.

A bunch of laser offcuts could do with chopping down, this is an opportunity for a micro induction on the bandsaw / table saw for anyone keen - note no access will be given yet but it’s a chance for people to demonstrate competence and log some machine time and gain familiarity with best practice.

Nothing will be thrown out except obvious waste, which we’ll be sorting for proper recycling / repurposing.

There’s plenty of other firewood if anyone has a log burner, plenty of recent and older boxes of donated materials and tools that want sorting and cleaning up. I bought a wire wheel for the bench grinder for sprucing these up, I’ll cover safe use and theory if anyone wants to take this job on.

A couple of other random tasks include cleaning up the screen print table which is currently covered in paint and resin. This can be sanded and varnished, it’d be good ro rig up a basic shelf for few pieces of the hardboard in the snug donated by Gawain for people to put down on the table when doing anything messy.

We could also do with some new drill bit racks for the metal area especially and a general sort out of drill bits, spanners, sockets, etc. There will be a basic drill press induction for any member keen.

@asander1 remind me the max size for the mini cnc?

There are plenty of chunky bits of softwood for further tests and perhaps the start of a mini cnc material shop.

@LuptonM you’ve a box of laser materials, I also found you a present for you trusrod jig - what looks to me to be the perfect sort of curved piece of hardwood. Also if you were interested in getting involved with restarting a Luthier meet up there is no shortage of us at the moment, just need to get organised!

200 x 175 x 90mm

Test chunks would be great!!

Great thanks.

I’ll see what i have left in my box of laser cut bits.

I need to have a think about the jig about more i think