Metalwork Project - HELP NEEDED :)

(Mylene Spencer) #1

Hello All,

I hope you’re well,

My name is Mylene Spencer, I am a Fashion and Design Consultant. I’m currently looking for a metalworker to help develop a design I have for rug accessories. The design is a collection of hammered gold brass inspired by imagery from Nepal. Each flat piece will need to be soldered to the rug accessory. Please see attached images of the concept. I have a deadline to have 7 pieces completed by the Friday 5th July. Is this something someone could help me with? I have no knowledge of metalwork and would really appreciate help with forming the shapes. If it is possible to use the laser cutter…fantastic … but I also don’t know how to use that equipment.

Thank you! I look forwards to hearing from you.

(Petra) #2

Hi Mylene,
sounds awesome.

There are no pictures though.

(Mylene Spencer) #3


Hi Petra,

Thank you for flagging that up, I’ve added a rough tech pack.

I actually only need help with shaping the flat top piece. All help and advise WELCOME! Also if anyone has an idea for where I can find EXTRA EXTRA STONGE magnetics that would be great.

(Mylene Spencer) #4