Metal Work - Milling Machine Induction

(Chris) #1

Hi I’m Chris, I joined last Thursday and am the proud owner of a new fob. Excellent space as well.
I am looking at using the milling machine on a bit of aluminium and was wondering if any of the metal techs could help? Asking around Mike mentioned that Niko or Callum could possibly help?

(Dale Connolly) #2


(Calum Nicoll) #3

Hi Chris

Aye should be possible, what do you have in mind to do/ have you used a mill before?

(Rich Maynard) #4

Guessing not, given he’s cut aluminium in a woodwork vice…

(Chris) #5

Hi Callum. Thanks. I used a mill at school (gcse tech) but a long time ago. I currently have a mill table set up at home but the pillar drill is not suitable hence joining the space. Are you free this week during the evenings? I can be there for 5ish. Thanks

(Louis) #6

I would definitely be keen to join, been asking about a milling machine induction for the last year… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Calum Nicoll) #7

Note to all - this is not an official “induction” more of a “let’s try to make your part”. But hope actual inductions coming soon too… tool control is close and we have a lot of folk working behind the scenes.

(Calum Nicoll) #8

Also does anyone know where the vice for the mill is?

(Chris) #9

Thanks Calum. If you can’t locate the vice I can bring one along. (It might be for wood though). Any idea of when your free? Thanks again

(Calum Nicoll) #10

The wood one def wouldn’t work - there was a specific (metal) one that we had that was on the mill but someone removed it, probably to use it as a drill for pcb’s.

(Chris) #11

Know worries was just joking about the wood vice. I think the other one I have is for metal. I could bring it along if we can’t find the one at the space. I could also pop in one evening this week to have a look.

(Calum Nicoll) #12

Oh yeah - misread your post about having used one in school, my bad! I am pretty busy atmo on a project so don’t have too much time, next week may suit better -but may be possible - daytime suits better generally.

I’m not sure what exactly we have endmill wise(apart from things that are way too big) as haven’t milled on it very much. The metal shop needs a reorganise to find/log all these bits and pieces. Also probably need collets unless we have a set already I haven’t found, ER11. I have some personal ones I can offer for the evening although they’ve had a hard life…

(Tom Newsom) #13

Mill vices are precision instruments with ground faces etc. to ensure accuracy. You’d know if you had one!


(Chris) #14

(Chris) #15

Does this count?

(Tom Newsom) #16


That’s for a drill press. Much lower accuracy requirements

(Chris) #17

Calum I work most days in town but generally get back for 5 or 6 on alternate weeks. I’m free on Sunday?