Metal madness!

@metaltechs and @directors, does anyone know the status of the metal lathe and micro mill? I have to urgently produce a Ali part in close to a day and have expended all options of local machine shops. I have used both of these in the past in the space but haven’t since the introduction of the new tool control etc.
Anyone able to provide an update?
Anyone also able to take on a small milling/turning job? Or advise if a ship that will turn things around in a day?
Many thanks for any responses…

Hi Jonathan

Both machines are out of my area of expertise, I believe Howard is your man! Hope you get something sorted

Kind regards


Hi Jonathan!

I used the milling machine in the past, I am 99% sure it is not on tool control…

If you have it in CAD I would be happy to try the CNC if you have the stock and it is small enough…

Howard is the man for the lathe…


Do we have any documentation on how to use the CNC? I would be happy to try it

Sort of, it requires an induction, which I will be giving as soon as it is safe to do so!