Metal Cutoff Saw

Still needs some new oil before it’s ready for prime time, but @asander1 and I got the saw back up and running again.


That was the grossest thing I have done at Makerspace! I think that ‘oil’ came with the machine when it was new in 1977, never knew things could grow so big in oil :bug:

It was poured out three years ago as well…
So is this saw going to be part of a basic metal induction?

No this is general maintenance the metaltechs need to do! Once we do it we will add the details to the metal saw tool page

I asked if the saw is going to be part of a basic metal induction.

AH! Sorry - didn’t understand - I thought you were talking about the oil change…


Well done dynamic duo! Keep at it! :+1:


Ok an update!

Found the coolant:

@Gergo_Dala and I mixed up 10l and put it in, got it working for a few seconds… kinda…

Then the pump packed up…

We are looking at replacements and alternatives… it doesn’t need a ton of flow or pressure so there are several ways to do it…

if anyone has anything kicking about let us know, we could replace the motor and use the old pump mechanism, or replace the whole thing… 3 phase, single phase, even 12v would work.

Thanks to @Gergo_Dala and @Kyle for the hard work on this!

Ok! Cold saw works! New coolant pump is installed…

New coolant pump is single phase so right now is on a separate plug, but we’ll work on that!

Also the blade is super dull… need a new one or that one sharpened or both…

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@woodtechs had a blade sharpener

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Cool we mey have the kit… Anyone know how to sharpen blades like this? Or should we send it out?


Woodtechs send them out, speak with Ryan where. But in case you wanted to sharpen by hand, it should be possible.

Gotcha, if I had half a clue how to do that i’m sure it would be interesting… once… then I am guessing sending out would be the way to go, haha!

Think that’s a shared experience. @Ryanf, where do you send table saw blades, please?

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@Julia what was the place called that you took the blades to? I can’t remember it.

We’ve also used Tyzack before from what I know. @Giles will know more about them and which blades they may accept, or give them a call.

If you do take the blade in, please let me know. I’d like to get one of our tablesaw blades resharpened.

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I used Tyzack’s for the planer blades, they did a lovely job. I have no experience with saw blades. There are places which do saw blades.

Jonty will know of somewhere.


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