Membership cancellation

Hello @directors

I have to unfortunately cancel my membership as I’ve not been making much progress because of the long waiting lists for inductions and I’m also unemployed so I can’t really afford it anymore.

Hopefully in the near future I can reapply and get to actually start my projects.

Thank you.

Hi Ricky,

We do have concessionary rates as well if the cost is an issue we can help with that - email if interested. But as a 100% volunteer run organisation, yes there will be a wait sometimes depending on what tools you want to get on, we have yet to find a better way to solve this.


Hey just had a deduction of £25 on my account and I’ve cancelled my membership, could I please get it refunded and my direct debit cancelled please.

Thank you


Strange - I don’t see any record of it being cancelled, did you go here and do it? (I want to be sure everything is working)

No matter, I manually cancelled it for you from our side and refunded the last payment.

Best wishes,