Mdf material question

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I have a little hidden shelf box i am building and i was just wondering if there’s any 12mm and 18mm mdf anywhere in the space i could purchase.

I have 1 sheet of each but i would have to rent out a van to get it there and i would want to avoid this.

Is there any other process to get these and request storage for a few weeks while i make it?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you.

I have a tiny piece of 12mm MDF… how much you need?

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I’ve cut some of the biggest pieces at home about 115 cm by 35 cm

i need a few square as shelves about 30 cm by 30 cm roughly maybe one 40 cm by 30 cm.

but i can cut down some of my big pieces to workable sizes and bring them like that.

I was just curious how we would get bigger pieces of material to the space if we needed to :smiley:

Hi Cristian,

I think once we are. up and running in arch 2 there. will be sheet materials which we will keep in a sort of general stock for the large CNC and track saw, table saw etc. but nothing specific yet, if you have requirements then best to discuss with others and arrange an order but general large items left around taking up space is tricky because of literally the space they take up?

Yes i agree with not taking up space,
I know there is a process to request some space (maybe not currently) but i was just wondering if anybody else had any piece there already which i could pay for so i don’t have to deal with logistics.

I thought i’d come in the weekend and probably finish it in 2-3 days but i didn’t want to run short when doing cuts and a big sheet doesn’t really fit in my car, but i’ll figure something out no problems.

Yes, unfortunately it is still not well documented… but you put a piece of paper (available on the snug door) with the details of what/how long… and a post here:

We need to write this up way better….


It’s in admin > storage

Most of what you need to know is in the topic template

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