MDF "Forbidden"

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Yes but me and my spelling check could not get close to stainless

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Thanks for the explanation - I think they might be more expensive that the insulation, though, but worth a try.

Has there been any resolution to this MDF debate? I find some that do and some that don’t, and some that grit their teeth and pay extra for laser friendly material (that might not be so friendly after all). We are restricting ourselves to plywood with laser friendly glues, but the cost is a constant irritation to our users.

All advice gratefully received.

From China in bulk. And washable.

Now we are extracting to atmosphere we have relaxed the rules. But vans keep hitting our stack .

There’s a thread somewhere that has pictures of our extract and prefilleter .

You might look at speaking with local LEV companies who might be able to sell you a replacement LEV system that has cheaper replacements, but basically MDF, Ply, and really any kind of wood will have resins in it that cause the blockages.

I wonder if having a distillery type of approach might work, a section of pipe dipped into cold running water that could solidify the majority of the resin in the pipe, which could then be pressure washed regularly.

Watter fall filter if you have space


Is that more like a mister or an actual water fall?

What about circut boards? Are them ok to cut/etching now? I would like to try to laser engrave a circuit…

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You certainly can’t cut them - the glass fibres are too strong. Etching is likely to be poor, but some ccautious experimentation should let you know soon enough.

What are the “cautious experimentation” boundaries ? cover the copper to avoid reflection and don’t be on fire?

Start low power and fast movement. Ramp up the power until you start to see success/failure.

Large tube full of meda (broken plates ect ) with watter flowing down and airflow up

I think that you paint with etchrisist and then cut it away with the laser

This gentleman :

Managed it with a speedy 100…

and he released a tutorial:


So that’s FR-1, which is the non-reinforced kind.
FR-4 is the type with glass fibres.

Bear in mind he uses a fibre laser for this, whilst we have a co2 laser. Quite what difference that makes is lost on me, but it may be a thing.

Fiber lasers are designed for engraving metal, this isn’t a fiber laser, it won’t work.

However the spray paint, engrave etch method would work still in much the same way.

Hello, i see a big discussion on MDF because of the formaldrhyde glues but is it not the same with plywood? They use formaldehyde based glues and we had a lab expert say we exceed the limit twice for such emissions.Can u recommend plywood which uses different type of glue, what type partucularly? Is that what laser-ply is

The MDF concern is historial when we had a different extraction system an the increased amount of wood glup it produces like ply blocks the filters.

However thats not such an issue now, and my understanding is that laser ply and MDF were acceptable still because they are formulated to be better and safer for the laser cutter.

Personally I think it’s snake oil having worked with both, but this is a call for the current @lasertechs

Yes, that’s the idea of laser ply, and laser MDF – much lower formaldehyde content

It is the same with plywood - only laser grade plywood can be laser cut here.