Maybe i'm being thick.. Bike stand?

(Paul Court) #1

Hi Guys,

Sure I’ve seen a bike stand in the space a few times with bikes on it being worked on but don’t remember seeing the stand itself anywhere.

Was the stand someone’s personal bit of kit or is there one in the space for general use ?


(Dermot Jones) #2

Belongs to the Space…usually by metal shelves opposite metalwork

Unless it went in the skip of doom…

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #3

Hi :smiley: the blue bike clamp stand is in the metalwork area in the corner by the door next too the tool shelving unit , Brian

(Paul Court) #4

Thanks Both


(Martin John Finch) #5

The stand was bought for the space as a “pledge drive” - thanks to @boldaslove and various others whose names I cannot remember. Yes, it is kept to the right of the metalwork shelf between it and the door.