Makita Impact Drill tutorial mentions to use a "Bit Piece"

Hi Experts,

I’ve got myself into the Makita club by purchasing an impact drill. Thanks to you cool kids I had the sudden urge that I couldn’t live without one!

So after having them all charged up and ready to go I did the unusual move and checked the manual. It mentions there that if the driver / socket bits are of a certain length a bit-piece is needed. (All my bits are of the size that needs one and it seems that’s UK standard)

I might be confused because I never saw a bit-piece in use at the space and they are not easy to get hold of in the UK it seems. Please let me know if I need to pay attention to Procedure 2 and purchase a bit-piece or can safely ignore:

Here a ref for the product:

Thanks all!

Never heard of these before your post… basically looks like an adapter to fit other ‘non-makita’ driver bits in. Although I would guess some others may just fit anyways… I would ignore it unless you happen upon a bit that falls out all the time or something… Here is more info from a Makita catalog:

You can certainly buy one if you want for about £3 … Just google the part number ‘322279-6’:

Enjoy your new toy!

You can definitely ignore that if you use a bit holder like one of these -

DeWalt ¼" Hex Bit Holder 60mm | Screwdriver Bit Holders |

Looks like the bit piece is there to ensure that the bit is going the right depth into the hex chuck if you’re using one of those two sided bits - there’s a little ball which can’t engage if it isn’t in far enough.

To be honest, 99% of the time you’ll probably be using a bit holder anyway for the extra reach, so I doubt you’ll need to worry about it

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2nd this - don’t buy that little bit piece - get a bit holder instead and you will use that all the time, here is a Makita one in case any concern of it fitting:

Ok awesome! Thanks everyone for the advice👍

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