Making wearables - electronics experimentation

Hi @Panjapop
Just catching up :slight_smile:
I’m around next monday day time but working on other previous inflatable project if you’re around. Or we can pick another time

Yes evenings are quite difficult for me as have a young child/dinner-bed time routine etc. But can make some evenings all the same.

Cheers Bushra

I will be there tomorrow around 15.00 or just chose an evening during the week…

Yes, lets do monday. What time will you be there from? I’ll probably pop down around 2pm.

Brilliant, will pop down tmrw for a chat.

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Awesome. Going to try & be there from 11am.

Unfortunately I have an optician appointment at 12 otherwise I could be there earlier too. Will be as quick as I can

Hi! I’m at the space and probably leave soon, what time were you planning to pop by?

oh no, sorry I only saw this now. Got side tracked and only popped down to catch you at 4.15 but you had gone. I’ll pop down again tmrw from 2pm.
Let me know when you are next there and I’ll be there?

I wil be there Thursday night

ok, I’ll try and pop by on Thursday.

Hi again,
Sorry we missed each other on Sunday. Still would love to chat about the Nordics modules. What time will you be there from and until tmrw? Panja

I will be there tonight from 18.00/18.30 depends of the traffic :slight_smile:

great, will pop down at 18.30 then :slightly_smiling_face:

hey again, good to meet earlier. I’m trying to find that wifi cube module you showed me earlier online but can’t seem to find it. Can you send me a link to it?

is it this?

got it…

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You can use both, the first one is a bit more compact :slight_smile:

actually a friend talked me into working with the Feather

It’s the same microcontroller which is inside the m5stack but it’s a good platform too :slight_smile:

Great! Win win