Making a steam bender

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(Jeremy Clark) #1

Hi Woodtechs,
I’m needing to cut down a large piece of Ash into smaller pieces that I can use for a project and thought that the table saw would be the best tool to use. However I haven’t been inducted to use the table saw, so wanted to know if any @woodtechs will be around this Friday or weekend to give me a help me, or show me how to use the machine?


(Jonty Bottomley) #2

I’ll probably be around on Friday and Sunday

(Jeremy Clark) #3

Great, what time will you be there you think?

I think I’ve got alot more than I need, going to try work it out tonight. Would you be interested in some?

(Jonty Bottomley) #4

I’d almost definitely take whatever you have in excess.

P.s. probably a fair chunk of the day, early afternoon until evening on both days.

(Jeremy Clark) #5

Great, its one of the pieces of ash from Hatfield forest that Afshin organized. I didn’t quite appreciate how big it would be!

If you had a project in mind we could cut it up to accommodate, I’m needing relatively small bits and its a huge piece!

(Jeremy Clark) #6

Hi Jonty,
What time will you be there today? I have to pick up my son from school at 3:30pm, so this afternoon probably won’t work for me. If you are there tonight I might be able to pop down after 6:30pm when my partner gets home from work to look after our son. Other wise Sunday will have to be the day.

The piece I have is 302cm x 5cm x 28cm I’m looking to cut it into strips roughly 72cm x 5cm x 2cm to experiment with steam bending, so wont need it all. I’m probably going to have to cut into half to transport it to the space I think… but if you were wanting a piece longer than 1.5m I could try figure out another way to transport it.


(Suzie Cooper) #7

Hi Jonty. I was also hoping to get some help from one the woodtechs this weekend, just for a few cuts on the table saw. If it’s not too much trouble would you mind helping me out too? Is it just the Sunday you’ll be around or will you be Saturday as well?

(Afshin Dehkordi) #8

Hi Jeremy, steam bending has been on my mind too, how do you plan to do it? I’ve seen articles for making a steam bending tube fed by a wallpaper stripper.

(Jeremy Clark) #9

Hi Afshin,
I went up to the lake district and did a 3 day course with Charlie Whinney (link below) at the start of August, but haven’t had a chance to try it out myself.

He did it with a wall paper steamer and a box made out of 10cm Kingspan insulation. But also said a bit of pvc pipe taped over the end with this stuff works well:

I’ve been grabbing off cuts of kingspan from building sites in the neighborhood whenever I see them.

Ash is a good wood to use, straight grain… and a really big part of it is making a jig to bend the wood over.

But happy to give any advice if you have any questions, but haven’t got any real practical experience myself yet! Hopefully I can remedy that over the next few weeks.


(Jonty Bottomley) #10

Heading in now for some amount of time. Will message on here tomorrow as to what time I’ll likely be down.

(Dale Connolly) #11

Can build a box out of osb, put a wallpaper stripper one end and a wet rag over a hole the other end. Quick, cheap steam box. Been saying for ages I’d like to do this down the space but never got round to it :see_no_evil:

(Jeremy Clark) #12

Hi Jonty,
Just wondering if you were going to make it down to the space today? No biggie if not I can do next weekend as well.

(Dermot Jones) #13

@woodtechs it would considerably ease things if we could find some members who are willing to be trained on the table saw, and then use that skill to carry out cuts for members who just want occasional cuts done?

(Dale Connolly) #14

steambox.pdf (347.0 KB)
PDF I downloaded a while back. Just came across it again. Thought you might like to have a read?

(Mark Johnson) #15

Kingspan , I believe we have a raft made of that…

(Afshin Dehkordi) #16

If you want a partner give me a shout, I’m interested in helping make one.

And in a month or so I should have air bit kingspan leftover from my builders.

There’s the raft kingspan we could start with? Who’d need to OK that?

(Dermot Jones) #17

Homemade kingspan I think @platinumnqueen22?

It’s the Space Raft from this year…unless Brian or Rob have any objections then you’d be doing us a favour by repurposing

(Jeremy Clark) #18

Hi Afshin,
Yeah be keen to get some help.

I’ve only collected pretty scrappy bits of insulation thus far, so if we could re-purpose the raft that would be great!

Have you got any time this weekend to meet at the space and have a look at the raft?


(Afshin Dehkordi) #19

Super! Looking forward to working together. Sat/sun heading to Shropshire for a week long oak framing course but I think I can drop by beforehand at some point to take some photos of the raft Kingspan and share them here.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #20

Hi Jeremy,

Had a look at the raft in the snug, there’s plenty of kingspan insulation, approx 1.5x1.5m, x2 sheets.

I changed the post title in case anyone else might be interested to join in…hope thats ok.

How do you want to play it?

Ill be back in London next weekend.