Making A Dining Table

(William O'Brien) #1


I’m new to Herne Hill and the Makerspace. We moved in to an unfurnished flat last December and the time has come for my wife and I to start eating at a table again!

I’ve purchased 1 sheet of 18mm B/BB plywood and I want to to make the table top, bench top and legs for both out of the one sheet.

Whatch this space!!!


(Sarah Jones) #2

Hi Will, welcome to Makerspace! And Herne Hill!

How are you planning to do the legs? I’m not sure how well ply would work for legs. Dale @DAC17 made a nice coffee table with hairpin metal legs which might be easier & quicker to do, more expensive though of course but very sturdy.

(William O'Brien) #3

Hi Sarah,

The plan is to make everything for the table from one sheet of ply. This means the legs too. I have cut eight tapered legs for the table. By glueing two pieces together to make four robust legs. I will then cut struts in the top of the legs to brace the table top and then cross brace the legs lower down… I’m still working out how I want to do this.


(Sarah Jones) #4

Good luck! I’ll be curious to see pictures - I’ve always been a bit nervous to tackle legs.