Makerspace status? (April 2021)

Hi all,

Signed up as I’m moving to the area soon, I visited SLMS a few years back and it seemed like a great place.

Unfortunately the website seems a bit out of date - last updated 5 months ago now, the calendar is full of events which I would love to actually happen but assume don’t… :slight_smile:

What’s the current status of SLMS?

Is it closed, open, when is it due to open (are we waiting for May 17, June 21, is it dead Jim)?



Hi Daniel!

Welcome! We are very much active! … Just constrained as everything is right now… We are following government guidelines basically, so currently it is open to members by reservation only, 1 person per room…

Assuming it is safe to do so this will change in the future as things open up…

Recent additions since you likely last saw are some new tools are being comissioned- Metal lathe, welding, CNC and we have added outdoor workspaces and have a 2nd arch that is being fitted out!

So lots going on in general- but hard with current covid situation…

Hope to see you when you get here!


What are your areas of interest? We have our electronics meetup tonight (online still)

Hi Dermot and Andy!

Glad to hear SLMS still is!

I’m mainly interested in woodworking, would like to try my hand at a largish project in the near future and learn from others!

It sounds like it’s probably best for me to hold off until June at the mo if there are room limits etc; I guess I’m waiting for the proper reopening when open evenings resume :slight_smile:



I joined right at the beginning it had to duck out to have a sprog.

I’d like to access the space again as hoc - do you have a domino/dowel joiner?


I sent a request to join now as June 21 has come and gone :slight_smile:

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