Makerspace access going forward

Hi all,

I’m Jamie. I’ve been subscribed to SLMS for a few years now and was just starting to get into inductions before the COVID lockdown. I’d love to be able to pop down to the makerspace for an hour or two when I have a spare evening. I’ve been doing various woodwork projects at home, but it would be brill to have access to the tools in the woodshop and to make stuff together.

I’m finding with the current arrangement of booking space that I’m never quite able to make it work. I seem to find it’s either booked when I want to go, or that there’s no-one around to host a session when I am free.

I just wondered how everyone else was finding the booking system? I totally understand the health anxieties around COVID, but I wondered if there was a plan on bringing back slightly more spontaneous access to the space.

Apologies if I’ve missed this conversation elsewhere on Discourse.