Makers WANTED! Wildfire Adventure Festival opportunities

(Julia Lowe) #1

Hello everyone, as previously mentioned, I run an adventure festival in June (16-18) near Sevenoaks. ( we won Best Small Festival last year at the UK Festival Awards, (which I am still beaming about!) but because we are still only a small start-up and almost entirely volunteer-run (and all self-funded) I would be ever-so grateful for some makers’ help.

If you like adventure / music / craft then I think you’ll love Wildfire! (Watch this trailer for more info: )

I am looking for some enthusiastic makers to get involved with various things for a few hours work in exchange for free tickets, the opportunity to take part in lots of other exciting adventure workshops, campfires, parties and of course, love and gratitude!

If you are able to lend a hand and get involved in any of the following (or know someone who might) please do let me know.

• Screen printing ( @silkscreentechs ? ) We are looking for a couple of enthusiastic people to teach silk screen printing at Wildfire. The screens will already be exposed, and we have a four-arm carousel, state of the art dryer and all the necessary inks and equipment all ready to go! The kind of guests we have are usually very keen to learn about techniques, and theres lots of room for experimentation and suggestions.

• Building an obstacle Course / assault course ( @woodworkers )
This is a fun one! We have a beautiful, long forest path that needs filling with an exciting assault course. Think ‘up and overs’, ‘tunnels’ and ‘seesaws’ - the sky is the limit, we can go a bit mad with ideas here, as long as its safe! if you are creative and good with wood, I’d love you to design and build a part of the assault course. We do have (limited) expenses for materials.

• Acrylic Jewellery Making. I would love some extra hands helping teach Acrylic jewellery. We have all the equipment, hand saws, G-clamps and a ton of acrylic. This is an easily learned skill, so we just need creative people that are good with their hands!

• Leather work. Basic leather-working skills required for workshops. (Leather conditioning, riveting, making keyrings and purses)

• Willow / forestry / foraging craft
I am looking for someone crafty who can make natural headdresses using willow, found and foraged materials. We will provide the materials.

• Electronics ( @electrotechs ) Electronic -whiz required to help us create a Zombie run in the forest!! We need exciting ideas such as cleverly disguised sound effects, lasers, smoke triggers etc as people run away from the zombies.

• Radio station DJ’s. We are also looking for people to come and take part as radio DJ or a radio producer on our 1950’s analogue radio station.

thank you!! Jules xxx

(Andrea Campanella) #2

Hey, sorry, I saw the message now, I would like to help with the electronics stuff if is still needed :slight_smile: