Makers on Youtube

(Toby Harris) #21

Also, love the editing. The sound, particularly.

(Barnaby Coote) #22

The guy from NYC CNC released a video on how he organises his tools, maybe we can get a few ideas from it, particularly his electronics corner which seems pretty well organised.

Would be great if we could get a few of more of those tools cabinets, they are pretty fantastic especially when combined with the bins and foam.

(conomara) #24

this guy is a genius, we should consider how we can adopt something like this for each area (although stefano is prob already on the way for woodetech area)

(conomara) #25

metal storage unit is cool as well, we need somthing like this i think?

(Peter F) #26

Not as useful as tool storage but there is something beautiful in the simplicity of what the artist does here. She makes it look so easy. I want to try it but what do you do with it afterwards? (Other than making pretty books)

(credit to @davidneat, I saw something about paper marbling on his very interesting website)

(Tom Newsom) #27

So he’s finished the clock, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t have time to watch all 23 episodes, you should make time :stuck_out_tongue: The whole thing was machined from raw stock. Even the screws.

What’s he doing next?

Only the f*%^ing Antikythera device!

(Tom Newsom) #28

just a functioning organ made entirely of cardboard, powered by a balloon

(Andy Paine) #29

Suprised to get so far down this thread without seeing the man, the legend, Jimmy DiResta
(Please don’t copy his safety practices)

(Tom Newsom) #30

First major part

Dovetails and lapped, riveted joints oh my :slight_smile:

(Tom Newsom) #31

Does it work? I won’t spoil a thing…

(Mark Johnson) #32

and here is the opposite, this plays vinyl records without touching them with a laser!

(Tom Newsom) #33

This is ingenious!

(Rich Maynard) #34

It is indeed! He should fire it at some UV sensitive paper for a better image.

(Tom Newsom) #35

I remember gluing mirrors onto speaker cones, trying to turn sound into a laser show. It didn’t work anywhere near as well as this :smiley:

(Pete Hellyer) #36

He’s an incredible hand model.

(joeatkin2) #37

(Rich Maynard) #38

What happens when a Pixar animator has a go at a robot with personality.

(Tom Newsom) #39

I designed a Lego version for them, and here it is :smiley:

(skip to 11:40)

(Tom Newsom) #40

Marble Machine update:

Coming along very nicely!