Makers on Youtube

(Tom Newsom) #1

There are loads of people documenting their interesting projects on youtube. It’s fun to watch people explain their processes and solve problems as their project comes together over time. Here’s a couple to start off:

#SV Seeker

Oklahoma’s a land-locked state, but this husband/wife team are building a 74ft steel sail/motor boat in their back yard anyway. Been building for 8 years now, and hoping to get in the water in the next year or two. Start here, with steel delivery in 2008:

#JME Mantzel

Health & safety, standard work practices, common sense and budget are all mysteries to Jamie, but he compensates by being a freak of self-motivation and ingenuity. Built his own home and workshop in the woods, invented a cool robot, built a huge one, sold the design to a toy company and moved to Panama on the proceeds, where he’s building boats and an island fortress (yes really).

Far too many scatterbrained projects and playlists to list, but everything revolved around the giant spider robot for a long time.

Who else makes things and is entertaining/interesting about it?

(Tom Newsom) #2

I know I warned someone for swearing on Discourse the other day, but this is FUCKING SPECTACULAR

(there are 7 construction videos:

@Glenn - you’ll dig this

(conomara) #3

thats cool

(Tim) #4

Wow, just wow.

(conomara) #5

I think we should aim to get some videos done of our work when we start getting projects under our belt.
Over time a youtube channel with a few videos would be cool, they dont have to be that sexy .
Simple three point lighting set-up with even a video function on a nikkon or cannon produces good results.

(Tom Newsom) #6

Some very fine woodworking

(Tom Newsom) #7

There’s something very soothing about watching metal being milled and lathed, narrated by a cheerful Australian voice.

(Tom Newsom) #8

So if a 93 video playlist was too much to take on, here’s the whole thing in 13 minutes:

(Tom Newsom) #9

@woodtechs, prepare to get jealous

(Tom Newsom) #10

@joeatkin2 This is the guy I was telling you about

Possibly the most in-depth power tool reviews ever, with a very idiosyncratic sense of humour :slight_smile:

(PaulY) #11

This is pretty impressive.
no more nails carpentry Japanese style:

(PaulY) #12

This guy looks like he’s got it sussed.

(Beth Slater) #13

I hate him

(PaulY) #14

Me too!
Greeeeeen with envy!

(Nico de Jong) #15

Check out

(PaulY) #16

Not sure that links working bru…

(Nico de Jong) #17

Its working on my end…

Try this link:

(PaulY) #18

Wow! Extremely interesting and inspiring.

Boring but helpful???
(Copying links to YouTube out of the navigation bar in the browser window, esp when you’re logged into YouTube doesn’t always work predictable. Usually best to use the share link button and copy that. But you knew that I’m sure :laughing::blush:)

(Beth Slater) #19

Best thing about that video: swan pushstick

(Toby Harris) #20

Whoever decided to sponsor that channel with the woodworking kit deserves a raise.