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Responding locally to COVID-19

  • We have begun using our facilities to produce PPE for those who need it. You can read all about the project on the JustGiving page above.

  • If you need PPE - please contact using the form at the bottom of our homepage - southlondonmakerspace.org

  • If you’re a member, and would like to help - please DM the Directors or check out the shield home assembly thread

  • this campaign is not just about face shields or other PPE, but about responding in whatever way be can be useful locally – spoted something that needs doing? Then add it it to this thread

great idea stay safe! and I hope we can see someone modelling your fantastic work?


I have circulated around my work and the firm has also donated £500 :grin:


That’s a nice donation!

Fantastic - thanks Nico. That’s enormously generous of your firm. Have asked my employer for a contribution as well.

To anyone who is able to donate - your employer may have a “matched giving” programme, where they match all or part of your donations to good causes. It’s especially common if you work for a large company or a company with a focus on ethical business/CSR. If you’re not sure - worth checking with your HR team!
… and, of course, thank you for any gift you can give.

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