Macbook laptop battery replacement

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Hi all, I’m looking to replace my 2017 Macbook Pro battery. I wondered if anyone else who has done this can recommend third-party batteries? (It’s the A1708 battery.) There are a few out there on ebay but I wonder how long they will last. (Probably won’t be much worse than the original to be fair.)

The iFixit one is out of stock and is also pricy compared to the other ones I’ve seen. Maybe worth the extra?

Also any tips on changing it without breaking the laptop would be appreciated, from anyone who’s tried it.

I will probably go for the Framework when the time comes to replace the Mac. Then I will be looking for a decent desktop linux distro.

I’ve done a couple, find the right ifixit guide and it’s usually not too bad. Get something to organise the screws you take out (ice cube tray?) and take your time!

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I’m pretty pleased with mine, though I haven’t actually needed to do any tinkering with it.

Did you use the iFixit battery or another?

Good to hear! Which OS are you running? And if you have experience of Macs laptops, how does the keyboard and trackpad compare?

I’m just running Windows on it at the moment. I think you’ll find the input similar to the Macbook, but I don’t use macbooks enough to be able to say too much. Happy to show you next time we’re both at the space.

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I just get them off ebay, but make sure I get a genuine OEM Apple one…

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