MA student looking for collaboration with Arduino

(Barbara) #1

Hi everybody!

I am developing some lighting installations for my Designer Maker MA at Camberwell.

I am planning to make 5 prototypes in the next 5 months (nothing too complicated) and I wonder whether there is anybody interested in collaborating on it ?

I have just started with Arduino but I need somebody who is more experienced to help.

The prototypes are basically as follows:

  • vertical linear movement using a stepper motor
  • horizontal linear movement
  • circular movement slow motion
  • circular movement using a wiper motor
    .- vibrating movement

I will credit any collaborator fully and will share all photography and video of the finished products for your portfolio. I will be able to provide basic expenses e.g. travel if needed.

If you are interested please let me know soon!

With many thanks

(unknowndomain) #2

Hello Barbara,

Just wanted to check you were aware that there is the Digital Maker Collective which is now actually located at Camberwell not Chelsea.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth checking with Chris Follows ( who runs the DMC to see whether there any staff/students who could help you at UAL.

Otherwise if you are a member of Makerspace you could come down on the Electronics Evenings and some folks might be willing to point you in the right direction with your project.

While CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon) students don’t have access to technical resources at LCC (London College of Communication) there are a number of useful resources here: including a detailed workshops in Arduino which you could follow along weeks 1-3 to learn what you need.

Hope these resources will help you to find the help you need within UAL.

All the best


(Barbara) #3

Hi Tom!

thank you so much for your helpful suggestions!

I am on the process to contact some people at UAL for collaborating.

Unfortunately I am not a member of the design Maker space and I saw that actually the requests to become a member are closed. Do you know by any chance when do they re open?

Thank you so much and all the best to you


(unknowndomain) #4

I don’t work at CCW unfortunately so I am not in the know, did you email Chris to ask him?

(Barbara) #5

Hi Tom!

yes! Tom has put me in contact with
Grzesiek Sedek and I will see him on Friday to speak about the project!!

Many many thanks!