Loved the Open Day today!

Hello! My name’s Sofia. I had a wonderful time today visiting the maker space. Thanks to all who were hosting. It left me excited to meet other makers and to be able to finally give some projects I’ve had on the back burner a go. I am interested in electronics - It was great to see all the different things people had done today with the ESP32 processor. I’m also interested in woodwork and textiles. I imagine experimenting making some fun things for learning and then gradually being able to make things that are more useful. I Have joined the waitlist. So hopefully see you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Sofia,

Thanks for coming down: glad you had a great time, and I hope you become a member soon

Electronics Night is open for non members, and is (usually) every Thursday from around 7 – you’re more than welcome to come by

l’m tagging @electrotechs here, as they can give you up to date information


Hey @SofiaB ! Welcome to the SLMS!

We are hosting the electronic night thus Thursday, feel free to come along!

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thank you very much Andrea and @Dermot!

I’m sure you’ll be off the waiting list in no time at all!

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Thank you Glen. I got in! Very excited.

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