Lost bike key saga continues

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1

Hi All

Further to my message from last week regarding a lost bike key…

I have now tried and failed to both pick and drill the lock.

It is now mangled and ruined beyond being able to be picked and I don’t have a hacksaw big or sharp enough to be able to cut it.

Does the space have an angle grinder or other suitable tool for cutting a bike lock?

Bearing in mind this is a wheel lock attached to the frame on the rear seat stays so I can’t use brute force!

Let me know

Thank you!

(Dermot Jones) #2

Yes, there’s angle grinders…

(Jonty Bottomley) #3

D-lock or chain?

You can pop a D lock with a strategically placed scissor jack or similar.

Where is the bike? If at the Space there are angle grinders, else I have one you can borrow as the ones in the space are used often and best not borrowed…!

(Andrea Campanella) #4

somewhere in his channel the LockPickingLawyer have a video about it.

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Found it.

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #6

Thanks guys!

Unfortunately its a rear wheel lock. Pretty common in Europe but much less so here. Kind of a circular padlock but attached to the frame of the bike at all times.

I will probably either bring the bike in on the back of my car today or if not I will def take you up on that offer Jonty!

Thanks for the help!

ps Lockpickinglawyer is great! I just wish I had been patient enough to actually pick it properly instead of getting in this mess.