Looking for someone to run the sound for the Tooting Foodival this Saturday

Due to a calendar clash we urgently need someone to get the live music mic’d, balanced, filtered, reverb’s and heard…and the prerecorded stuff (for the young dancers) just right too

Are you available this Saturday from 10 to 5?

There’s no pay for this…but plenty of delicious Fred food, and some beer afterwards

@howard any thoughts?

Possibly. I’ll get back to you.

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I may also be able to do this dependent on the gear available and my ability to get there. What’s the gear?

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At the moment our fallback gear is a very basic 4 channel mixing desk and a pair of speakers on stands. Speakers are fine, and sounds good with the desk…when I say basic, it doesn’t even have reverb…

Darn, and I don’t have an interface with enough channels and preamps to matter. I don’t think I’ll be able to help this time. :frowning:

So far no reply from my friend but I’ll see if I can dig out a reverb and would be happy to help with setting up etc

Looking forward to it

The desk we have as a ‘backstop’ is…