Looking for Soldering Staff!

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Hi all!

I run a very little tech startup called Clockwork Dog, we make escape room and immersive theatre experiences specialising in the tech that runs them using our system which we call COGS.

Until now we’ve been hand soldering all of our hardware (custom PCBs with through hole components) ourselves but have started ramping up operations and are looking at getting a few people to help us with the soldering and assembly.

We’re looking at a rate of £100 a day (10am-6pm), and you’d be working from our office in the Ministry of Startups in Whitechapel.

So! If you know how to solder, are based on London, and are interested in freelance work then drop me a message at eyal@clockwork.dog. we don’t need you to have any of your own equipment as we have everything you’ll need.

Thanks so much!


Do you have proper fume extraction?