Locked out of the membership system

(Jack Derrick) #1

Hi @systems,

I have managed to lock myself out https://members.southlondonmakerspace.org/login

I have hit the link for reset password but nothing comes through to my email. I think I have remembered the password now though.



(Dermot Jones) #2

If you’ve got locked out via too many password tries then you need to reset the password and can’t use the old one to get back in, have another look in any folders your email client might have.

If nothing there, then try the reset again…if that doesn’t work…then we’ll look at other options

(Tom Newsom) #3

also, the Forgot Password thing won’t warn you if you enter an incorrect email. Make sure you use the right one, and spell it right!

(Dermot Jones) #4

Yes, and it’s case sensitive in the current version too

(Jack Derrick) #5

Tried a few options like all lower case, all upper case, just capital first letter. Nothing comes through and I have checked all folders in my inbox.

Have you got a way to see how my email appears on the system?

We do have some kind of email filters which catch spam before it gets to my inbox. There’s a chance it’s caught up there but I wouldn’t have access!

(Dermot Jones) #6

I’ll check for you and DM