Lockdown project - bit of a sore point

I’ve wanted to build one of these since reading Tage Frid’s book on woodworking. Ash posts with a roof timber beam pulled from a skip.

I used Paul Sellers’ knuckle joint method for these - in retrospect I think the saw in some of Tage Frid’s photos is a better bet.

You can see the tenon is all the way through the beam in this photo, which I think is an easier joint and would be cleaner for someone like me still building their skillset.

Still lots of shaping to do but I’ve got the weight down to about 1200g. It cuts beautifully quickly and nice and straight, with a dead thin kerf.



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Where did you get the blade, is it called dictum Germany. The handles too?

Dieter Schmidt fine tools. https://www.fine-tools.com/gestell.html Tage Frid reccomends buying a cross cut blade, filing it for rip cut, then using it for all operations. I bought a blade, two handles, two blade holders and some hemp twine.

I’m just about finished with it.

Ended up putting some stain on the ash - next one I’m keen on keeping it plain.

So which blade did you get 600mm or 700 and what is the idea behind getting a crosscut and changing to rip. Why not just buy a rip?
I have just received my hock blade for the plane I am going to make. I think I am going to make it dedicated to shooting edges on a board and I will tap for a fence to be attached so I can joint edges very easily. I can do it freehand but I like the ease of a fence.

Props for the spoon

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It was originally the only small bit I had to hand having got rid of all my stuff before the move! Now I think I’ll keep it.

I should point out I am looking for some quarter sawn stock 2 inch thick. I don’t mind laminating the main block. I have some iroko but I will need to do a lot of work to reorient the grain so it’s quarter sawnish. Do you know of any suitable timber?

Are you in Canada?

Crosscut blade is much smaller blade pitch - I bought a rip as well and I almost think it’s a bit coarse for what I do.

I’m not 100% sure why he suggests filing for rip, but I like the results.

Not yet. Stuck at home like everyone else!

I bought two lumps of ash off eBay and one happened to be quarter sawn. I’ll dig out the link tomorrow.

Okay cool