Little bit of SMD soldering advice - replacing a phone USB port

I’ve got a dodgy USB connection on my MOTO G5s

This phone is a PITA to open, with what looks like high risk of breaking the screen, so I’ve avoided tackling the repair…but I smashed the screen on Wednesday, so now might try it

This video from 2:00 shows fitting the new one with solder paste…I’d love some advice from @electrotechs (and others) about doing this…and the likelihood of it working. Never done any SMD before (except a USB post on my 3d printer…but that was with a soldering iron)

I tried to replace my old galaxy s3 usb back then and I learned a couple of things:

Don’t use hot air to desolder it if you have a cheap hot air reworking station.

Put some solder on the external case and put the iron on it to heat it up and desolder it.

Use as much flux as you want, the more the better.

Use a lens or a microscope.

If it doesn’t work, well was broken before !