Lightning Maths - Lampogo 3

Hi, my name is Roy Clutterbuck and I’ve been a member of SLMS for about 2 years. As well as making birthday/Christmas gifts, the main thing I’ve been using the space for is making maths games for my new social enterprise: Lightning Maths. I’m a primary school teacher and live in Peckham and teach in Deptford.

Laser Cutting 25mm diameter digits on 3mm acrylic.

Over the past years I have been developing games that aim to show children that maths can be fun and engaging! My card and counter games are like a cross between sodoku and snap. Lampogo 3 is the name of the first game I have developed. It is for ages 7+, is for 1 - 4 players. It can also be played co-operatively or competatively. I want the games to help build confidence and self-belief in maths for children. At a larger scale I want to start to tackle the society-wide belief that maths is dry, dull, abstract and is only for a certain type of person. I want to show that solving maths puzzles can be intrinsically rewarding and that maths can be for everyone!

I printed out the nets, cut with a scalpel then used starch paste to glue to the box.

I have had a year’s training from the School For Social Entrepreneurs and have incorporated Lightning Maths Ltd as a Social Enterprise company. Lampogo 3 is just one of a series of games I have planned under the Lightning Maths Umbrella. I hope to continue the series - Lampogo 4,5,6… - to increase the difficulty of the games and to make suitable for older children. Lampogo 3 focuses on addition and subtraction as well as problem solving skills. So, I also have plans to work on games that target multiplication and division. I am also in the process of developing teaching resources and training to supplement the games.

Finished game with components - ready to play!

I was recently awarded a Let Teachers SHINE grant by the educational charity SHINE. They have given me £12,000 to trial the games with primary schools in London this year. I am aiming to work with 50 primaries, so if you know anyone that might be interested, please get them to email me on
or if anyone at the space would be keen to play test for me - with or without children - I could leave one at the space and people could borrow it?
Contact me if you are interested - any feedback at all would be very much appreciated!
I’m on twitter @Lightning_Maths

My deep thanks to all the friendly and supportive people I’ve met and who have helped me at SLMS over the past couple of years,
Roy Clutterbuck