Light sensor in snug

Can whoever it is who keeps moving the sensor by arch 1 /snug door, please stop moving it!

It turns on the lights in the snug when entering from arch 1

On a table in metalwork is not it’s place!!

I didn’t move it, but Is it possible we can add a second sensor to the system so that movement in the new metal shop keeps the lights in the snug on? As the two snugs are currently on the same lighting circuit it meant that the lights kept going off when we were working on the wiring in the new welding area. I assume thats why this has ended up here.

Maybe the plan is to separate those circuits when enough of the wiring is done and then its a moot point, but It looked like there was another sensor in the metal shop so if it could be setup to do this even temporarily it would be handy and stop people moving the sensor. Im not sure what controller we use with these shelly sensors but if its something I can help with I would be happy to set it up.

I have ordered 2 more sensors so we can make sure the lights stay on!

Will let everyone know when they come…


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I was me who forgot to bring the sensor back.

Yesterday, we had a discussion with Mark. Although we couldn’t reach a consensus on whether my reasoning was sufficient to take it, my explanation was that at some moment I found myself in complete darkness. There were no lights in the entirety of Arch 2, and I was holding a working angle grinder in my hand.

One can view the potential outcome on Google Images. Thus, I believe the likelihood of someone willingly entering snug in the darkness does not outweigh the potential risks in my case.

Personally I consider the system not fit for purpose. Sensors are getting obstructed, dirty and have unknown blind spots. They also often don’t react if you’re not moving enough. Imagine you would be in surgery operating room with that system in place? Or just using a sewing machine in the makerspace and the lights go off?

As a general principle, it would make most sense to have on/off toggles in areas where people go to actively use tools and motion sensors in areas that are for passing through, which is just the snug.

Is the new metal shop location more a matter of not wanting to hardwire wall switches in? Or it just hasn’t happened yet? Even same with ceramics now that it’s walled in, we’d want to make sure that light control can be actively done by the person in the space using the wheels (although that’s more an always on situation if I recall).

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Thanks Roman, sorry to hear this, This is not the first report of the lights going off while someone is working with power tools. Not safe!

We need to adjust this system a bit to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I will talk with Joe and Mark on what we can do in addition to adding sensors, we need to at least extend the timeout, it is too short. Saving energy is good, but not at the expense of member safety.

Maybe there is also a way to keep them on when tool control is activated on any tool in an area? Will discuss.

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I am all for that. I had it already a couple of times turn off on me during working. I would say it was not particularly safe when I was cutting the drywall.
For the future ceramics would prefer a light with on off switch as you do not move extensively when you are on the wheel or handbuilding.


There are two known blind spots, the new welding area and the pottery area, once we get sensors for this area the lights will work correctly.

The “always on” lights are not connected through the snug yet.

There are not sensor operated lights in the textiles area, nor anywhere in arch 2.

My issue was the fact that the sensor for the snug was moved thus leaving our only fire route from arch 1 to arch 2 in darkness if entering via arch 1.

If you move it, have the decency and common sense to put it back!

This illustrates my point perfectly, as it seems that you’re yourself unaware of the blind spot next to the big CNC.

The sensors currently turn the lights off 5 minutes after no movement, I will change them to 15 minutes and see if that helps.

Roman please do not use power tools in the new welding Bay Area until we get a sensor for it. It is not acceptable to move any of the sensors!

Thanks guys, I can see both sides to this. As we continue build out Arch 2 we need to use power tools, but yes lets put the sensors back when done. We have 2 more coming shortly so hopefully we won’t need to move them anymore.

@lewisss yes please make the change to 15 min and then please document how to configure these including usernames / passwords and send to @systems - we need to be able to make changes when you are not about. A pointer to documentation is good too, you don’t need to rewrite anything that is already out there, just the specifics to our installation.


Two new sensors have been programmed and put in place in the welding and ceramics area


These don’t work:

I agree with Roman, as i said different times the woodshop isn’t safe as the lights constantly go off while working around the bench near the cnc or even the mitre saw and bandsaw ( it did happened to me)… It’s fun if you are holding a router…

Ok will work with Mark to further improve the setup, we added sensors, but yea, yesterday they were not working as I would have expected, ie walk into an area and a lot more went on etc…


I’m unsure, need to do some proper testing when in. Yesterday the sensor in welding didn’t seem to trigger welding/snug lights (I’ve tried jumping and waving hands), but the sensor in the back of arch2 triggered both welding/snug and what’s in front, or at least what it looked like.

Yea, somehow they are not coordinated, walking in the snug for instance turns on almost all of arch 2…