Lazer cutter induction

Hello I would like to arrange and induction to use the Lazer cutter. I can be available Saturday AM and early PM, or Sunday PM if either of those are suitable.


Hi Tom!

There is a inductions on Tuesday the 30th of August. Have a look here.

If that date doesn’t work for you you can ask the @lasertechs if there is an alternative for you. I am sure they will be able to get you inducted :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tom

I have added you to the overall waiting list and the list for the specific induction.
Your discourse profile hasn’t been upgraded to “member” yet, so you won’t be able to indicate your availability for the 30th.

If you are already a member, please ask for your profile to be updated. If you are not yet a member, unfortunately you have to be one before you can attend the induction.