Law - too hot for off topic!

Does anyone want to discuss what was removed as off-topic and then removed from off-topic?

Perhaps we won’t be allowed to discuss it on here so I’m happy to hold a law workshop elsewhere.

It was unoffensive and purely informative.

I think one of the directors found it personally uncomfortable.

Da rules

I’m very sorry but you’ve been suckered by a cult.

There’s no hidden secret meanings, no clever puzzle, no sneaky shortcut around the law. It means what they say it means. No amount of (completely historically ignorant) etymology will convince a judge to change the meaning of words.

Ultimately, you can’t decide that laws dont apply to you because a) that’s not your choice to make and b) armed men will lock you up if you break them. Just be glad that the judges and the strong men are relatively friendly in this country. Try this out on a Russian court for funsies.

Power is ultimately enforced by violence, not word games. Not a knotted hosepipe in a dark cell, but organised, limited and implied violence. You will find this out, as many have before you, if your delusions end up in court.

You’re not the first Freeman On The Land I’ve met, and based on my experience with them, I doubt you’ll listen to a damn thing I’m saying, but to anyone else listening, treat legal advice from this person like you would physics advice from a flat earther.

I hope you get over it.

Happy to be moderated.

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Oh dear,

Unfortunately for you there’s other freeman-friendly SLM members :scream:

As I said before it was removed, I’ve tested this in multiple courts including the royal courts of justice (high court).

I don’t live in Russia, so that’s irrelevant.

I don’t give legal advice, that’s the preserve of the closed shop trade union known as the law society who have their own language. I assume you’re legally unqualified and therefore legally illiterate?

As for violence, I’m now treated with utmost respect by police and courts because I know far more than they do. Therefore I’m not scared of them. Therefore they have no power over me.

People can and do get in hot water because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you’re learning to swim don’t jump in the deep end.

As free men and women we have the backing of many serving peace constables (a police officer’s primary role). They “don’t want to be revenue generation agents for the EU superstate” (direct quote).

We live in a common law jurisdiction where we’re free to do as we wish whilst causing no harm, loss or injury to other humans.

The EU is the antithesis where you can only do what they say. Which is why we had to leave.

You are under a spell of words which you can’t undo.

I’ve even confirmed it with several solicitors.

We’re in a social contract. If you don’t know then you have no choice. Consent is assumed unless you declare otherwise.

Diplomats and others have a different status in society. When was the last time a Royal was arrested for a crime? One probably had sex with an underage prostitute. A serving senior MP probably got away with sexual assault on a child. The victim was told by the police that the perpetrator is effectively above the law. There’s plenty of people effectively above the law. Higher level freemasons for example.

There’s a country somewhere that has different law for Christians and Muslims.

If you want to believe you’re a ‘person’ and consent to be governed then that’s fine with me.

But please don’t try to re-indoctrinate me. I choose when and where I consent/contract.

Is there a lawful obligation on me to do or have anything including a name? No there isn’t.

I conditionally accept everything but the conditions are such that you might not want to proceed.

Lawful and legal are 2 different words with 2 different meanings. I bet you don’t know the difference. Most police don’t even know.

What’s your definition of a cult? Money and law are cults or religions. When does a religion become a cult?

And what qualifies you to make such definite, ridiculous and mocking statements about something you clearly have no clue about?

I’m sure you’re knowledgeable about many things but I seriously doubt law is one of them. What successful experience do you have? I have plenty

Acts, statutes and byelaws aren’t laws. They’re legislative rules of a society which I’m not a member of. Namely the law society. Technically only members and persons are bound by them. If you believe you’re a person then you ‘choose’ to be bound by them.

I do my best not to cause harm, loss or injury to any living creature and also work for the spiritual evolution of humanity. That’s way above what’s lawfully required of me.

Anyway, I doubt you’ll respond in any coherent manner other than perhaps to further ridicule or dismiss without any evidence.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then you win :slight_smile:

One of the biggest lessons learned over the past few years is that heated conversations on Discourse where we wind each other up about differences of opinion serve no one, and it puts off many from engaging in our community at all.

So please can folks just leave it. There is absolutely no way that either side will agree and debating isn’t going to make things better.

Further more as a reminder please do not post repeated messages over and over again, if you wish to add something edit your post, this is a forum for conversation, not a personal monolog. You’ll also find shorter more concise posts are easier for others to respond to.

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Fair enough, I was going to leave it there anyway.

Perhaps others could refrain from ignorant insults and ridicule?

The beauty of a forum (unlike email) is that you can easily ignore threads of little or no interest

@moderators Can we close but not hide this thread to avoid any further contributions that could cause either side offence?

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Happy with that. I’d much rather perfect my next 3D model

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