Laundry Basket

Here’s one I started a few months ago, but didn’t get around to finishing until recently. This project focused on woodwork joinery and was as well my first foray into textiles. The frame itself is simple enough, two rectangular legs, the complication being the offset on one of them to enable the frame to scissor shut (see the end pic). Starting with the leftovers from my earlier table project, I cut the pieces out on the table saw, planed with the hand plane, and cut the tenons with a chisel. I used the mortiser for the mortises, of course. I had difficulty getting the offset frame piece to line up correctly, I should have actually done some basic math to know beforehand if everything was going to line up - instead it took a bit of trial and error to get there. The joint was also not strong enough, it popped off a couple of times so I reinforced it with a dowel. Frame was finished in danish oil. Here’s the only progress pic I took from the making of the frame, the glue up:

For the basket part, I went to Simply Fabrics and picked up a bit of calico. I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I started by drawing my pattern onto the fabric, which was actually way harder than expected, as unlike wood, fabric moves!Through some trial and error, I got the pattern cut and together:

and the edges hemmed and buttons sewed on:

I definitely have room for improvement with my sewing, and am looking forward to my next project! Thanks to @techfolderkites for helping me get started with the machine, and @slimshelly for some further sewing tips!

Here she is in all her glory, dirty laundry and all:


Amazing to see it finished in all its glory!

how many leads does it hold now? :grinning:

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Looking ace! Well done Max!

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It looks really neat and well finished.

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