Lathe Tips

I suddenly have an urgent need to become familiar with the lathe. Does anyone know of any good on online resources? @petra

It’s for an interview tomorrow and they said the skills test revolves around it.

Hey Will,
I can meet up with you this afternoon and give you a run down with some turning, or just go on YouTube, there is plenty of basics of turning. You can also go through the documents and quiz I made for L1. Just go to induction post and you’ll find it there.

That’s very kind! I think I’ll just look at your online resources as I probably need to preserve my energy for tomorrow. But I’ll put myself up for a lathe induction ASAP. Watching the videos it looks very mindful!

:joy: Love the Quiz! The alternative answers are both informative AND entertaining.

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Glad my sense of humour and teaching style is appreciated.

I may utilise it in my interview tomorrow. ‘The value of humour to make people sit up, listen and remember’.

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Hi Petra, interview went, nervously. First touch of a metal lathe under exam conditions. But managed to pick it up. I have a job offer conditional on references!

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Thanks for your resources. Definitely increased confidence. Even if I didn’t get round to expressing the use of humour in teaching in the interview.

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