Lathe L2 inductions

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I’d really love to get inducted on faceplate turning. I’ve done a day-long course in Walthamstow and turned a bowl before so I think I know I’m familiar with most of it, but I’d especially like to know how to sharpen the tools. It doesn’t seem like there have been any L2 sessions for quite a while, so I just wanted to nudge and see if anyone’s up for doing one soon?



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@lathetechs should be able to update you on this

Hi Charlie,
I see you’ve not been about for a while so you may not be aware that the lathe techs who were doing the inductions when you were last on Discourse have moved on.
I have concentrated on getting all who require L1 induction done just so people can get turning, but have not been able to spread myself any thinner.
I shall be doing a post later this day which shall tell you more. I do not want to repeat myself, so do have a look at it. it will show how I intend to proceed…


Many thanks Frazer, I look forward to reading you post later!