Lasercutter OUT OF ORDER until maintanance session

(Petra) #1

Hi @lasers

the extraction needs to be cleaned as currently laser does not have enough flow to suck out all the fumes and lens gets ridiculously dirty.

I’ll endoavor to do it this evening or tommorow evening.


(Gawain Hewitt) #2

Thanks Petra

(Ben B) #3

If an extra pair of hands would help, I’m nearby this eve

(Petra) #4

Okay, feel free to pop in right now. We’ve just arrived to clean

(Louis) #5

Hi @lasers the machine is now back in action. Many thanks to @Afro_ben for his assistance in the messy task of laser extract maintenance.
Happy Laser use…

(Gawain Hewitt) #6


(Paul Court) #7

Top work in that heat, thanks guys