Laser reflections?

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Hi @lasertechs

What am I doing wrong, I have never had this happen before but seems the laser is reflecting and burning the back of the wood…

Any ideas? Thank!!

Hi @asander1,

what material and what thickness is this and what settings did you use?
It looks very toasty, almost if it was burning too much i.e. too powerful/too slow settings…what is it painted with?

1.5mm ply- maybe was going too slow… .7 i recall at 100%

There we go, somewhere around 1.15 would be better.

0.75 is for 4mm I think so for thinner ply we have to go faster.
Lowering power to 80 additionally could help avoid charring too.

Cool yeah thanks @petra ! I was using 3mm with same settings and then switched to a thinner piece and didn’t speed it up…

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