Laser out of orde

Something odd going on with the laser, both Calum and I experienced ghosting on engraves tonight and it seems to be getting progressively worse.
I’ve out of serviced the laser (put the note on it) until someone more suitably qualified can have a look.


Will take a look tomorrow morning… :+1:

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What time are you thinking? I might try and pop by to look over your shoulder if that’s alright!

Reminds me @dermot that Andrew from Trotec said hey and that he’s still looking out for you.

Good news - i had a quick look and noticed that one of the screws holding the mirror (The mirror that sits above lense) on was missing so the mirror could wobble. Eventually found this in bottom of machine and putting it back has fixed the issue.



That would explain it !

Many Thanks


Rob I’m here now to look at alignment etc… wanna come down?

This is what the beam was hitting before it hit your artwork…

Ah I’d love to but I gotta work now :sob:

Thats why I out of serviced it the moment I saw the problem. My understanding was it had been doing it for a while that day although intermittently.