Laser masks/visors

This calendar is used to track who is using the Makerspace for COVID-19 PPE Production.
Please note that currently only Directors can access the space - the shutter/door will not open for other members

Requests for access need to be put in the calendar at least 24 hours in advance - Spoke with directors about this

Please wait for approval before starting your journey

Make sure to include a start and stop time and a description for your session. Check for other booking and leave 30 minutes either side to allow for air changes

Thank you for helping at this difficult time - we want to make sure everyone involved is staying safe…so we have some essential reading…


  • do not use the space if showing symptoms of have been in contact with someone showing symptoms within the previous 14 days
  • consider all surfaces and objects to be potential points of contamination and act appropriately
  • practice good COVID-hygiene: plenty of liquid soap available!
  • social distancing at all times
  • 30 minutes gap between sessions for air changes
  • turn on ventilation in corner of metalwork, and open big vent near laser cutter, turn on white air purifier)
  • work in separate rooms where possible
  • if more than one person booked in everyone must wear face coverings when inside (generally non-valved, unless agreed for woodshop etc)
  • no food prep except microwave heating, and preparing drinks
  • all food and drink to be consumed outside unless lone working with 30 minutes break between sessions)

Contact the directors for any clarification of or suggested improvements to the above