Laser Filter Design

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(Jack Silby) #1


So I’m toying with the idea of buying a cheap 60w non-brand laser cutter (god help me).

The room I’m thinking about putting it in has a useful duct hole in the wall near to the top of the roof in my house and with a bit of digging and building I could feed the fan’s (inside the room) extractor duct through this hole and outside to the roof wall.

These fan’s they gve you with these cheapo lasers are like bouncy castle fans - I am nervous about doing anything that would significantly reduce airflow etc lest the fan get hot and explode - I also feel like I would like to remove odour and particulates a bit before outside fuming however for enviromental reasons - I doodled this terrable sketch just now -

Imagine the barrel is made out of plastic and straped to my wall/roof. Some ideas I take from the make space itself. My nervousness about airflow may led me to cut some small holes in the filter pads sacrificing filtering for flow. Any thoughts much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Jack Silby) #2

ok I now notice the feed duct should be going in to the fume chamber on the side otherwise all the rubbish and dust is just going to call back into it. Also maybe I need some kind of in-duct cut off valve.