Laser engraved objects and that

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Just thought I’d post some of the bit n pieces I’ve been engraving and etching on the laser cutter. You might be interested or you might not.

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Ok to share these on social media for some #troteclove ? Attn: @dermot

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Yeah go for it man.

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sweet! I love it!

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Really like these!

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Nice one or rather 4

So that’s slate, glass, ceramic?

Assuming you’ve saved the settings if anyone else wants to try?

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Ceramic tile
Ceramic Pot end?

To be honest I’ve not got specific settings saved as depending on the material I do multiple passes and change it as I go to try get a decent finish.

Obviously happy to talk to people about how I do it, tends to just be trial and error. Start with a light engrave and then up the power/lower the speed as necessary.

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Hallo. Just thought I’d post a few bits that I’ve made on the cutter over the last few months, maybe they’ll be of interest, or not. Who knows.