Laser Cutting

(Alireza Datoo) #1

Hi Guys, I’m still waiting to get an induction for the laser cutter and in urgent need to get something cut today for an order. Is there anyone around today that can assist me with this.

(Chanelle) #2

Hi there,

Just seen your post. I wouldn’t rely on the space to create things that have order deadlines. For affordable laser cutting needs you can use Machine Rooms for smaller material sized jobs, for £15ph they run inductions weekly so no delay in having access to cutter, and very affordable in comparison to other commercial use options. Opening days are Wednesday, they are based in Bethnal Green.

If you have added your name to the laser waitlist at SLMS you will be notified when a volunteer is running there next session.

Alternatively if you are attending the space regularly you could ask a member if they would be willing to cut something for you.

I hope you’re able to sort it either way.