Laser cutter

(Lesley Hilling) #1

Hello, I’m Lesley - Im a new member and I would like to learn how to use the Laser cutter. Happy new year

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Lesley,

Welcome to SLMS!

@lasertechs should be running inductions soon – you should automatically get a notification when a new session is posted in the inductions section, but keep an eye on Discourse anyway

(Martin John Finch) #3

I would like a lasercutter induction also.

(Petra) #4

I thought of organizing lasercutter induction within one and a half week. Do you have a project you are working on?

(Martin John Finch) #5

Hi Petra,

Yes, I have two projects, one extremely simple (a rectangle of perspex) and the other fairly simple (a small perspex box to house a model). You name the time, I will be there.

(Petra) #6

Okay, I’ll see what’s in my calender in the week the week after the next week. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

(Lesley Hilling) #7

Yes please! Let me know - I’ll be there

(Martin John Finch) #8

Great! Weds. 16 Jan would be good for me, because I will be at the space to host Open Evening, but either day is fine.

I plan to have my designs done in Inkscape by then, ready for import to Illustrator.


(Dermot Jones) #9

Did someone say somewhere that current version of Inkscape isn’t working with the laser cutter? If so that’s a big stumbling block

@Jonathan @petra?

(Petra) #10

Files created in Inkscape opened in Illustrator are sometimes re-scaled. It’s easy to scale it back and change the line thickness.
It’s okay to use Inkscape to create things, when lasercutting opening in Illustrator is prefferable though/will work.

(Martin John Finch) #11

Thanks - I plan to create designs at home using Inkscape because I do not have a copy of Illustrator. Of course I can use the Mac at the Makerspace too.

(Dermot Jones) #12

Is this something to do with a recent Inkscape update? Considering it’s the primary software of Maker/Hackspace laser cutters this is not an ideal situation. But at least we have a workaround.

Corel Draw is always worth a try when files are playing up.

(Pete Hellyer) #13

I believe the ‘inkscape rasterises before printing’ issue is still an issue.

(Pete Hellyer) #14

It’s dead annoying. Theoretically it increases compatibility with printers, which usually will rasterise as part of the driver - reducing the possibility of some vendor dependent vector conversion, but makes the key assumption that vector information itself is not useful to your device.

(chris green) #15

Hi Petra, Fincheee and Lesley - Could I perhaps join too? I’m also new around here. I have a small diode laser cutter at home, but have never used a Co2 tube laser!

(Martin John Finch) #16

Hi Petra,

Tues or Weds. possible for laser induction?


(Petra) #17

Tuesday 6-9pm?
How about @Lesley_Hilling and @chrisgreen ? Does the time suit you?

(Martin John Finch) #18

Yes, that’s great - I will be there if it works for the others.


(Lesley Hilling) #19

Yes fine with me.

(chris green) #20

I’ll be there! need to get my tag too while I’m there. :grin: