Laser cutter user maintanance : nozzle

Hi @lasers ! :zap:

Never bad time for reminders of cleaning the laser cutter right. Particularly the nozzle .

The nozzle, see on the picture, usually gets two types of dirty

1# gunky dirt

2# dusty dirt

Gunky sticky dirt is made by cutting and engraving plywoods, it’s the resin and glue debris. Stick to the nozzle and bed under the honeycomb, walls, everywhere really, but members duty is to clean the nozzle and the bed. For cleaning the nozzle and bed ONLY - use the foam cleaner in the photo as that does the best job. If you find it close to empty, shoot the @lasertechs a message :slight_smile:

Dusty dirt is made by cutting/engraving acrylic. Foam cleaner works on this too.

Both need to be looked for and cleaned, before and after the use of the laser. Sometimes in between,
for example if you end up cutting/engraving perspex, you will inevitably get the dust inside the nozzle that can eventually stick to the lens and damage it. Which has happened already.