Laser Cutter out of order over the weekend | 30/11/19 - FIXED NOW


I needed to change this. After some testing and thinking Ive concluded that its risky as laser needs alignment and cleaning of the vents before further use.
It smokes too much basically.
Ill try to get down tommorow eve amd clean it,align it.

  1. check the mirror - clean i neccesarry
  2. check the lens - clean if necessary and tighten the right way! check if is held by the lockingring fingertight
  3. check the nozzle - clean if neccesary
  4. clean the bed and secure it in rails
  5. Do your thing
  6. repeat 1. - 4. again
  7. pat yourself on your back for job well done!

So lasercutter is not running again as needs a maintanance in the next few days, so will be down sometime during the weekend for lens alignmennt and vents clean.

Please be aware that bottom right and bottom left are mildly misaligned so the most precise outcome will be done on the right top and left top of the honecomb.


@petra I’ll need to cancel today’s induction then, I’ll write a note to everyone.

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