Laser Cutter Induction

Hi there- I’d love to get an induction on the laser cutter if there’s some going. Finding it hard to navigate the Discourse, so if this is the wrong approach to getting an induction please let me know. Thanks

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Hi Holly,
Add your discourse name to the list


is there a new link? or is there a reason i can’t see it please?

new member, all ticked in the member setup, with tab…

thanks rafs


this one?

Have you linked your Discourse account with your membership account? There’s a ‘how to’ on this is if you check categories

Hi people,

Thanks for all your replies.

I have spoken to Petra at the space, and it appears that there is an issue with discourse linking accounts at the moment.

“502 bad gateway error”

hope the feedback helps.
ta rafs

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Hi I’d love to get inducted to the lasercutter soon, I’m also having trouble linking my discourse account to my membership account, can I add my name to the list without following the link?