Laser cutter Illustrator license lapsed

(Dean Forbes) #21


after the time spent on the inkscape problem did any one coherently document it?

Using a standard approach to problem solving in IT aka ITIL

Problem + Root Cause + Workaround = Known Error


Some magic = Work around

So am I right in saying all that is missing is some one sharing what they did ? so that it can be tested by the user base

(Tom Hedges) #22

As someone who learnt (and likes) inkscape, and doesn’t know (or like) illustrator, I had been finding using the laser very painful. But then I was shown this one weird trick…

  • Design in Inkscape
  • “Save As” to a PDF
  • Open PDF with Illustrator
  • Print with no further faffing

Seemed to work perfectly for my (admittedly simple) cut and engrave needs. If Illustrator is not currently useable, I wonder if the same approach would work with Corel…

EDIT - full attribution for the PDF idea to @ZD86 :smile:

(Calum Nicoll) #23

I started with inkscape before moving to illustrator for printing - I think a lot of the issues were around the fact that the inkscape/Jobcontrol issues weren’t necessarily reproducible - for example the same file might not print correctly out of inkscape then after a restart or two it would…

(Justin Colson) #24

Searching around, it looks like people have been reporting this raster/vector printing inconsistency as a bug since 2010! There are a few suggested workarounds mentioned in the thread here:

I’m not whether the line thickness issue is really the issue? Nonetheless, the fact there are merge requests etc from 2012 trying to implement this (despite this apparently being part of the SVG spec) and they have been rejected or ignored. Unfortunately that seems pretty characteristic of Inkscape’s development … That said, I just looked in Affinity Designer, which I also use, and the hairline option is missing there too :frowning:

(Dean Forbes) #25

what is the problem

  • it produces a file with raterised lines - is this correct

If this is the problem I would hardly describe it as fatal

  • so is the fix simply, open and save the file in a manner that does not do this - there are several options

(Pete Hellyer) #26

In any case, chaps and chapesses - This isn’t really the space to argue the pros and cons of Inkscape. This is a row as old as time that no-one walks away from satisfied (I for one will be convinced that Inkscape is a good replacement for illustrator over my cold dead body)

The licence for illustrator is being sorted at the moment. The licence scheme we use is a little slow prise the update out of.

(Zeine Daoudi) #27

That’s what I do too!!! :slight_smile:

(Paul Court) #28

if it was that simple we would have published it … i’m not holding the data back for a laugh

The results were inconclusive other than you can get it to work. Most issues seem to be around the background of the SVG and Inkscapes treatment of vectors as bitmaps by default.

We did publish in a couple of threads some of the thought process too but again it was inconclusive.


(Dermot Jones) #29

Can someone confirm that the Illustrator licence is all working now?

(Tom Hedges) #30

I was using it on Saturday. But there was a quirk…

  • if I opened a file (SVG in my case) from Windows Explorer, then Illustrator opened and brought up a message saying something about an unlock email that had been sent to @petra(?). And I couldn’t use Illustrator.
  • however, if I opened Illustrator from the Start menu/shortcut, it worked as normal - and I could open my file from the Illustrator “File” menu.

(Dermot Jones) #31

Be worth checking it’s logged in as SLMS?

(Martin John Finch) #32

Bumping this thread - is our SLMS license now “live”?

(Dermot Jones) #33

@Courty said it all seemed to be working on Thursday

(Paul Court) #34

I cut a bunch of stuff from Illustrator on Thursday and it didn’t flinch.
Are you having issues ?


(Martin John Finch) #35

The question is not functionality, but which license is in use on the lasercutter PC. It worked fine when I used it on Tuesday, but I believe on Petra’s personal license, not the Adobe CC license purchased by SLMS. Dermot and I diagnosed a problem with the license vendor not registering the purchase with Adobe yet. That is what I was querying. It is very kind of Petra to let us operate on her license temporarily, but we’ve paid for a license so that is the one we should be using.