Laser cutter Illustrator license lapsed

(Calum Nicoll) #1

This was brought up yesterday in the space - laser computer version of illustrator isn’t working due to “trial expiring” - does anyone know what the situation with this is? As a lot of folk will be coming in with illustrator files to print and without a working copy it can’t be easily printed.

(Petra) #2

I can log in my Illustrator for some time.

(Paul Court) #3

Sorry was going to post today, we have paid so its a cockup at the supplier end, Dermot is chasing.

If Petra is OK to sign in for now what would be awesome, fix should be imminent but without it the laser is 90% useless.


(Dermot Jones) #4

Hoping this will be sorted today

(Martin John Finch) #5

Despite valiant efforts by Dermot and others yesterday, when I left yesterday evening the license still was not installed. It appears to be an issue with the vendor we bought the license through, @dermot is pursuing.

Unless someone else’s account is logged in on the lasercutter computer, @lasers be aware that the laser cutter is not useable at present, with Adobe Illustrator at least.

(Andy Sanderson) #6

Last time I was on there, there were actually 2 versions of Illustrator installed and running, are they both on trial licenses?

(Martin John Finch) #7

There was evidence of a previous trial license that has expired. I understood that an Illustrator license was purchased last year. I don’t know if two versions are installed, what comes up when you open a file is the Adobe CC license.

(Andy Sanderson) #8

Look for another version installed, I think they are both in the start menu instead of clicking on a file… maybe the license was applied on that one?

(Dean Forbes) #9

For me the Plan B would be to work from Inkscape whilst Adobe Illustrator may be the prefered tool for a group we could do with a guide on using inkscape specifically for instance like this (and also for new users to the laser who may prefer it ) I used to be a regular user of a laser on another planet but I have all but given up on this one due to personality quirks for the software

Any one competent with using inkscape prepared to do a brief dummies guide ? me being one of the dummies (laugh)

(Petra) #10

Will was using Illustrator yesterday evening and lasercutting succesfully.

(Dean Forbes) #11

Yes that may be true but many people battle with it

For me every time its is a different quirk, for me I want to just lasercut not practice problem solving by bikeshedding on the mailing list or going to the internet of clueless experts

A documented plan B in times like this (outage) and/or in times of business as usual an alternative way would make it easier for many in my opinion

It does not need to be difficult complicated or painfull

where is the documentation for the laser stored ?

(Petra) #12

Well, again. Inkscape is not reliable when it comes to sending vectors to the cutter.
Illustrator works, if not, then it’s usually user error(line colour, thickness, print settings) or the computer needs reboot.
Corel works too from what I’ve heard.

(Petra) #13

I think all documentation is in Tools section.

(Dermot Jones) #14

Inkscape is the preferred software for Maker/Hackspaces…unfortunately some incompatibilities sprung up last year…though I’m not sure we’ve clearly identified the exact issues

Illustrator has a weird relationship with SVGs…but mostly seems to work

Plus: we have a full Corel draw license – this is industry standard for Trotec customers

(Martin John Finch) #15

Using which license?

(Petra) #16

Dunno. I just logged in with mine.

(Howard Batchen) #17

It’s stopped working again because it wants email confirmation of Petras licence !

(Andrea Campanella) #18

From my latest finds 0.92 it’s the last version of inkscape that works without issues.

(Justin Colson) #19

I’ve not actually used the laser since my induction, but was planning to come in some point this week to do some cutting. The designs I want to cut are currently AutoCAD DXFs - would it be worth trying to cut these with Inkscape, or is there any other software on the laser PC that would work for DXF files? e.g. Autodesk DWG TrueView?

(Paul Court) #20

We spent Hours on the Inkscape issue and the unreliability is a two point issue. The New Trotec software now expects a newer version of the SVG and the Inkscape versions have known compatibility issues with SVG standards. between the two it makes the whole process hugely painful.

There is some magic you can do to get Inkscape to cut (by default it tries to Engrave everything) but its not consistent. this is why we ended up down the AI route anyway.

Would be good to see if Corel works but so many people have a huge investment in Inkscape drawings that we cant write that off.
Personally I design in Inkscape and convert and tidy in AI before printing from AI, this is about 90% reliable